Extra help available

bridgeWe offer a lot of opportunities for beginners to learn to play and to play well. As you know, we here at Newbies Bridge Club love to see people learning and enjoying the game of bridge. So, we want to make it extremely easy to teach everyone- there’s no excuses not to join in and learn! Have a look below at the help sessions we offer, and make sure you come join in.

Supervised session

Learning bridge is rewarding, but can be a bit tricky at the beginning! Come along to a supervised session where you can sit and play along with a tutor. Here’s where you can ask one of our resident experts on bidding, playing, and strategising throughout the game. There is a minimal cost of $5 per supervised session- a small price to pay for getting some extra help!

Hot tip sessions

hot tipThese sessions are held 15 minutes before the beginners sessions, and are aimed at beginners wanting that little extra support before playing the game themselves. Why not come along early, listen to some strategic tips, and then get stuck in with a game? And best of all, it’s free!

“Hot tip sessions have really improved my game! NBC really knows it’s stuff” -Aidan

Improver workshops

Think you’ve got the handle on the bridge basics? Wanting to stretch your game a bit further? At our Improver Workshops, we’ll work through some strategies to keep you one step ahead of your opponent. Working in groups, you’ll be guided through scenarios and will have the opportunity to question and reason your way to a winning hand. Have a look at the schedule for the next time that suits!

Refresher course

Bridge ClubIf it’s been a while since your last game, but are feeling ready to play another round, then this session is for you! Aimed at those who know the bridge basics, but haven’t put them to use for a while, we’ll play a casual hand whilst talking through some of the finer points that you might have forgotten. And as always, there will be refreshments available to refresh your thirst as well!


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