I want to go to Beijing!

Beijing   Google MapsI’ve been accused of having a traveling bug, an incessant desire to see and explore. It’s an accusation I can’t deny!

And with all of the traveling I’ve done so far, one place I want to see with my own eyes (and feet and tastebuds!) is Beijing, China. So, as you do, it’s time to start planning. I want to go to Beijing, what can I see there?

Tian’an’men Square

I knew before I started my research that no trip to Beijing would be complete without a trip to Tian’an’men Square. In recent history, it’s been a place of protest, but there is much more history to it. Though 2backpackers reckon there’s not much to see but police and tourists, I’m looking forward to experiencing it for myself.

Forbidden City

And then there’s the Forbidden City. Where centuries-old dust can be brushed from the cobbled stone walls while buying a Starbucks coffee. The history of China amazes me, and the Forbidden City exactly encompasses that: the very old and maintained snuggled up with the very modern. The countries I’ve lived in and visited so far are just babies compared to what we’ll find inside the Palace Museum.

The Great Wall

It would be simply crazy to travel all the way to Beijing and not visit its Great Wall. Once referred to “the longest cemetery on earth” because of how brutal the conditions were to build it, it’s now what I imagine to be a fantastic testament to human accomplishment. There are many options offered for tours of the wall, from easy and crowded to intense and natural, but no matter which I choose, I think it’s safe to say that it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before.

Of course, the whole city will be amazing to explore and discover. The hustle and bustle, the eclectic CCTVbuilding1mix of food and smell and ancient and modern, the shopping in Wangfujing and the ever-exciting language barrier stimulation. When visiting Beijing, I don’t think I’ll ever come close to running out of things to do!


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